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Soak away the stresses!

When you’ve come home from a hard day’s grind, there’s nothing better than a relaxing dip in a back-garden hot tub to soak away the strains of the day, even when the temperature is below zero. Simply make sure your tub is up to temperature, and bask in the bubbling water at 35°C.

Don’t be confused by the names ‘hot tub’, ‘portable spa’ and ‘spa’. A hot tub and portable spa generally refer to the cedar or wood-effect above-ground models that sit in your patio or decking, while ‘spa’ refers to the in-ground versions that you see integrated into swimming pools or sunk into the floor of a luxury health club. However, you may find the words ‘hot tub’ and ‘spa’ used interchangeably.

Almost every garden can accommodate a hot tub – and they have even been installed on apartment balconies! If you prefer your own company, you can opt for a single-seater model, but the largest models will accommodate up to nine people and feature luxuries such as a bar and LCD TV screen.

Water-quality standards

The higher temperatures at which hot tubs and spas operate mean that it’s essential to monitor the water quality properly and to treat the water according to well-prescribed treatment regimes.

When shopping for a hot tub, always look for the BISHTA sign, which guarantees that the showroom staff have been fully trained in the highest standards of water quality in hot tubs. They are also trained to show customers how to look after their new purchase properly.

Treating the water

There are a few things you need to do every few days to make sure your spa stays clean, inviting-looking – and safe. It will probably take you only half an hour a week or so to clean the spa, carry out a water test and add any necessary chemicals.

It may seem a little complicated at first, but your National Leisure retailer will be glad to explain in simple language everything that needs to be done.

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